>DVD Review – Pumpkin Scissors

>While there’s no way any real army would name a regiment “Pumpkin Scissors,” this post-war series shows a lot of promise. The two main characters make this series memorable. Also, very few anime cover war relief regiments, and it’s actually more exciting to watch these characters giving back to the towns.

“Pumpkin Scissors” follows the adventures of the war relief regiment, the Pumpkin Scissors. The two main characters, Alice Malvin and Randel Oland, first meet in a town terrorized by the nearby renegade chemical weapons regiment. Together, with Pumpkin Scissors members Martis and Oreld, they get the antidote from the renegades to heal the villagers from the spread of chemicals in the town. The Pumpkin Scissors work in the next three episodes to take down a crazy murderous prince and convince a mining town to start working again.

The characters are probably the most memorable in these episodes. Alice Malvin is a member of the nobility who would rather help the oppressed than act like a proper lady. Randel Oland is a giant war veteran, a member of the 901 anti-tank regiment, bearing an extremely powerful rifle and taking whatever damage necessary to destroy a tank. Martis is a smart soldier, the first one to hear of Oland as an anti-tank fighting demon. However, probably the funniest character is Sergeant Major Lily Stekkin’s humongous white dog, Mercury. The dog just sinks its teeth into anything that moves.

While there were only passing hints of a bigger story line in episode 4, this series shows a lot of promise. Although the opening sequence music is a little too techno for a World War I-era anime and the ending song about the dog is a little too goofy, this series looks amazingly good. Alice Malvin is a surprisingly strong heroine. Hopefully the next DVD will be even better.



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