>DVD box set – Bebop finally comes out in a box

Good news–Bandai Visual finally released a box set of “Cowboy Bebop!”

Although I loved watching Bebop five or six years ago on the Cartoon Network, I still can’t figure out why Bandai took that long to release a box set of all the DVDs in the series. I understand that Bandai wanted to make viewers shell out all their cash to buy the DVDs individually. However, they didn’t deserve to make me wait four or five years just for this series in an inexpensive box set! I’m a college student. Bandai deserves to send me, as well as other college students, an apology for forcing me to wait this long.

Still, anime fans have every reason to be fortunate that Bebop finally came out in one box set, because Bebop is one of the best, if not the best, anime series of all time. The series starts with two bounty hunters, Spike and Jet, searching for criminals to turn in to the police. Faye Valentine, Ed, and the Corgi dog Ein later join the group. Even though they struggle to earn enough money to buy food for everyone, they have plenty of fun just catching the criminals.

And each character has their own demons in the past. Jet quit the police force after he lost his arm to a killer who is still on the run. Faye almost died fifty years ago in an interplanetary space accident, and awoke from a cryogenic frozen slumber with no memory. Most of all, Spike was a former member of the Red Dragon syndicate, a crime gang which terrorizes high-ranking government officials. He had quit his job as an assassin, but his grudge with his former partner, Viscious, still continues to haunt him.

This series is an excellent mixture of drama, action, comedy and romance. Most of all, this series is about freedom from a past of violence and destruction. And all of this is finally in one compact DVD box. Any anime fan who hasn’t seen this anime yet should get this box now. The person definitely won’t regret it.


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