>Huzzah for "5 centimeters per second"

>Good news! Netflix decided to put “5 centimeters per second” on reserve.

Hopefully this means that I will get to review this awesome movie. I can hardly wait. Makoto Shinkai has some of the best artwork in any anime movie I’ve ever seen. No one can match his superb lighting effects and shading. Oh man…I’m getting so emotional over this.

I’ve heard comments that my blog has too much summary of the anime and not enough opinion. I will work on that and try to give a very brief summary in one or two paragraphs to meet with demands.

I’ve also heard that I should try to find some new things to review. Of course, someone from the CSULB anime club is really into this stuff and he’s always one step ahead of me. I’m probably not going to be as up-to-date as him, but I will try to review things as soon as possible. Oh, I will also take a look at cool anime toys and goodies. Yeehee!

Gosh, I’m getting too excited for one blog. Okay, I’ll stop. Next review is “Moonlight Mile”. And in the first scene of the first episode, there are two guys having sex. It’s a strange way to open an anime covering two guys trying to qualify for a mission to the moon. It should be entertaining.


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