>Lucky Star late, Gurren Lagann pending and the best (so far)

>Everyone on Netflix has been renting “Lucky Star,” so I may have to hold off on reviewing it for awhile. That’s okay–I haven’t heard too many thrilling reviews about it.

Netflix decided to (finally) release Gurren Lagann as a rental. I’d have to say it’s about time–the DVD was release three months ago. It’s one of the biggest anime this year, so it better be released.

I wanted to review the “Code Geass” debut on Cartoon Network, but I missed episode one! (Doh!) I shouldn’t fret…maybe they’ll run a rerun.

I’m going to release a “best anime of the year (so far)” list this summer. Right now, I have some big candidates for best anime of the year. I’m still debating whether “Death Note” should be given honors.

Whatever the case, everything will be reviewed in late June or early July.

In the meantime, I’ll be studying for finals.


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