>The witches vs. the warlocks

Although I’d seen hints of the war between the witches and the warlocks in the first DVD of “Tweeny Witches,” the second DVD fully explains the conflict. It was almost inconceivable to see hovering robots, television screens, amusement park rides and explosions, but “Tweeny” is more like a collision with the old world and the new modernized world. And it looks so amazingly good.

Be careful–there are some spoilers in the next section.

From the first DVD, we learned of Sigma, the teenage boy warlock who wanted to help the witches destroy the warlocks. Arusu, Eva and Shiela follow Sigma through a desert on broomsticks. After disguising themselves in warlock outfits, he shows them that the warlocks’ world is an underground world of science. Metal covers the entire underground world. The residents don’t even need to use magic. Arusu and Shiela sense that the warlocks are repressing the magic for some purpose.

After Eva blows their cover, the police capture Eva and Arusu escapes to find an old man who knew her father, or at least a man similar to him. Eva discovers in an underground graveyard that the warlock world is slowly being sucked into a vortex, and Sigma wants her to submit to the warlocks. According to him, if the warlocks can use the dark magic of Arusu’s missing magic book, they can stop the vortex. Shiela isn’t fooled though–she senses that dark magic would only make things worse, However, Sigma pushes a button on her suit, making her a slave! Thankfully, Arusu saves her friends, but all three of the witches realize that the world of witches and warlocks is deteriorating without witches’ magic.

This series is a fantastic mix of fast spell-casting action. It is also a deep analysis of a problematic industrialized society, whose world is deteriorating due to the loss of the old magic arts. The emotional drama still remains high. The three main characters are doing whatever they can to protect each other. Shiela is an especially strong character, who sneaks Arusu onto a ship to the human realm, so that Arusu will not be hurt in the violent war between witches and warlocks.

Arusu also found a pirate man who tried to capture the human realm ship. He says that he is Arusu’s mirror. What could this possibly mean? Hopefully all will be explained in the next few DVDs.

Image courtesy of videos.fansub.tv


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