>Crayon Shin Chan – An American Travesty

>I like Shin Chan. Even though some of the jokes are a little inappropriate for an American audience, it had a cute sense of humor.

However, I will not forgive Funimation for turning Shin Chan into total crap. I hate to say it, but the English dub is such a false and misleading translation that it turns the entire series into a travesty.

Let me give some examples. The first episode, “Pee Strike,” was supposed to be a cute show about a kid who went on a pee strike, because his mom wouldn’t give him a bigger allowance. Simple and cute episode. The dub turns Shin Chan into some stupid whiny jerk. Even worse, his upright, strict mother starts talking about syphillis in front of this kid! Syphillis!

Everyone knows that no Japanese mother would ever talk about this type of subject in front of their kids.

It gets worse and worse. The school principal (who looks Okinawan) becomes a Latino guy, Action Man becomes Action Bastard and the Action Man theme song includes the words “Honor and a penis.” I kid you not.

How the hell could a simple kid show dub go completely wrong? Well, Funimation wanted to gear this release for adults. I read in “Anime Insider” magazine that Crayon Shin-Chan was similar to Bart Simpson in the United States. But why on Earth did the English dubbers add so much crap in this dub? I mean, there are clear cultural differences between Shin Chan and Bart Simpson. But why are the kids talking about European schools and Britney Spears?

The dub is hideous. Awful. Inexcusable. The animation is still the same, but that’s besides the point. The Texas dubbers involved with Shin Chan really screwed up with this. And they’re working on the second season as well. Let’s just hope that they don’t mess up other Japanese shows.
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