>DVD Review: Black Blooded Vampire Fun


“Black Blood Brothers” is an adrenaline-filled romp that makes up for its uneven storytelling with superhero vampire action and heartbreaking romance.

Each episodes opens with flashbacks, revealing that the main vampire hero, Jiro, failed to protect his girlfriend from being assassinated. He is a Kowloon child, but Jiro is on a mission to eliminate the members of his vampire clan. The Kowloon are bloodthirsty murderers who only live to suck to kill humans or convert them into more Kowloon.

The series lacks much needed direction, especially through the first episode. In that part alone, Jiro is forced to defend his brother Kotaro from the Suppression team of the Special Zone, which eliminates vampires. The fight gets interrupted when Kotaro falls into the sea and Jiro dives to rescue him. Jiro emerges with Kotaro at a nearby beach in episode 2, meeting with his tour guide, Mimiko Katsuragi. Katsuragi is set to welcome Jiro to the city, if she and Jiro can avoid run-ins with the Suppression team. In future episodes, Jiro’s enemy, Cassandra Jill Warlock, is willing to do everything she can to enter the Special Zone.

As one can see, this is a confusing plot that leaves more questions than answers. “The Organization” has to be the lamest name for a city council that I’ve ever heard. However, this is one of the more impressive action series, with plenty of heated sword and gun battles.

Most of all, however, the love story between Jiro and Katsuragi is strong and heartbreaking. Katsuragi clearly likes Jiro, who is handsome and likes to keep other people out of trouble. But it’s going to be a struggle for her to get Jiro away from his violent assassin life, especially when the Kowloons are ready to take over the Special Zone.

By the way, I really want to date Katsuragi. Her face is so lovely…

Images courtesy of animecafe247.com and black-blood-brothers.com



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2 responses to “>DVD Review: Black Blooded Vampire Fun

  1. >black blood brothers really rocks..!they’re the best..1i love jiro..!:)

  2. >ive almost memorize shinkirou..their ending song..!its the best..!ever!:)

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