>DVD Classics: Get Your Boogiepop On

>“Boogiepop Phantom” is easily one of the scariest anime series ever made, with violent ghosts, scientific drugs and exploding kitties (I kid you not).

The series starts off with a beam of light stretching through the sky. Without giving too much away, a hunter vanquishes a demon in an electric beam to save a city. But remnants of the demon still haunt the unknown city in Japan, where the story takes place.

Rumors are abuzz at Shinyo Academy about a man known as the Boogiepop Phantom, who kills students at night. Although it appears to be only a rumor, more and more schoolkids are either killed, killing each other, or killing themselves.

All these murders circle around a drug at a prefectural hospital administered to students, causing them to see and hear phantoms. And these ghosts are definitely not as friendly as Casper.

Although many of the mysteries remain unanswered in the series, the cinematography of “Boogiepop Phantom” is incredible. The entire series is shown through a grainy camera effect and the color is faded to a pale green. And this series is oh so dark. Viewers will undoubtedly jump at the screams, intense loud noises out of nowhere and the bloody deaths of students.

And while nobody may ever figure out the entire mystery of the Boogiepop Phantom, they will be fascinated with the scary transformations caused by pharmaceutical drugs, the secret organization fighting these phantoms and the shocking scares.

But everyone will be shocked in episode nine, “Until Ure In My Arms,” where a boy appears to use his mind to maim and explode students’ body parts. Or is someone else killing them?

Image courtesy of espvisuals.blogspot.com


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