>DVD – Tweeny Witches teaches true magic

>The third volume of “Tweeny Witches” closes the heroic tale with Arusu saving the witch’s world from total destruction.

Of course, this isn’t news from the start. In the first two volumes, everyone predicted that the end of the magic world was coming. However, I never expected such a remarkable display of apocalyptic imagery. But there are many, many spoilers in this review. You have been warned!

First of all, Arusu discovers who her real mom is. Lennon spills the beans in front of Arusu’s witch brigade when he threatens to kill Triela, the sage of the witch town. Triela reveals that she is Arusu and Lennon’s mother. So that’s why Lennon kept saying that he was Arusu’s mirror.

Second, Arusu returns the deadly magic book to Grande, the head of the warlocks. Grande wants nothing but destruction. He has no love for the magic world at all, and based on the flashback where a warlock was swallowed by Grande, he must be a demon too.

Third, one of the witches in Arusu’s brigade becomes Grande’s lynchpin for using dark magic to destroy the world. Here’s a hint: it’s not Sheila. I never expected that Eva would get entangled within the demonic monster that Grande transformed into. But Arusu soothed the savage beast with her motherly love. In other words, she feeds Eva her favorite food.

The ferocious monster is very reminiscent of the forest gods in the Hayao Miyazaki film “Princess Mononoke.” The ending also involves pleasing a savage beast. However, “Tweeny Witches” somehow manages the daunting task of displaying grotesque monster imagery and keeping the material appropriate for children.

This is also a wonderful series that criticizes the apocalyptic genre of anime for the recent trend of disturbing psychological dramas and extreme violence. For example, the dark wizard in the series is Eva, which is already a reference to another apocalyptic series, “Neon Genesis Evangelion.” Eva always had a desire to use magic, even though she couldn’t use it for most of her life. That desire manifested in her role in destroying the magic world. And the series turned that destruction into a disastrous form of genocide, rather than a rebirth of mankind.

Lately, anime directors have lightened up on their apocalyptic tendencies with more optimistic anime. And “Tweeny Witches” is of these positive anime series that proves that it’s okay to be young and a little uncertain about the future. After all, everyone can use magic. Although magic in the human world is more invisible, it is the magic of love, nonetheless.

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