>The bloody (but cute) horror show returns

>In a surprising move, the anime company Funimation snatched up a number of great anime titles from the now defunct Geneon company. And one of the titles was the awesome horror anime, “When They Cry.”

I wrote my very first anime blog entry on “When They Cry” in December of 2007. It is one of the most unusual horror anime series, mixing cute elementary school characters in a cursed town named Hinamizawa. Every year for the past four years, someone was murdered in the Watanagashi Festival, held for their town’s god, Oyashiro-sama.

However, when Keiichi learns about these crimes from the local police officer, his friends get suspicious of him. And some of them are holding secrets about the murders. But they couldn’t possibly be the murderers, could they?

That’s not the only mystery in the town. The series is based on a murder mystery game, and there are numerous retellings of the same story. Everyone dies in nearly all the stories, which might leave one to wonder whether there is a bright future for Hinamizawa.

Regardless of the grim, murderous nature of the series, each scenario is brilliant. In fact, the series was so brilliant that it ran for two seasons in Japan. Now Funimation is finally continuing the series from volume 4 onward. And now everyone will be able to watch more inconceivably scary stories. This is a must-see series that is coming out this September.

Image courtesy of psgels.blogsome.com


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