>DVD Review – More yuri action and romance!


For a while, I swore that I would never review another yuri (girls loving girls) anime. However, “Anime Insider” magazine informed me that “Simoun” has one of the best conclusions so far this year, so I couldn’t resist.

In the second DVD, “Simoun” increases the tension even more, with a religious faction hell-bent on destroying Simoun aircraft and causing mayhem. While “Simoun” still has unconventional Simoun dogfights, their dialogue is better than ever.

As in the previous volume, “Simoun” continues following the adventures of the Chor Tempest, a famous all-girl air squadron. The Chor’s mission is to protect Simulacrum from Argentum, who wishes to steal the circular motors of the Simoun for their imperialist ambitions.

However, episodes five and six introduced a new enemy–the Plumbum Highlands. Although they propose to negotiate peace, their peace negotiations are not exactly peaceful. In fact, some of them killed themselves after shooting numerous guards with pistols. Others suicide bombed themselves to destroy Simoun aircraft.

Romantic tensions reached a boiling point on volume three, episode 12, which covered a controversial side romance in the past between sisters Alty and Kaim. The story leaves no stone unturned–Kaim is furious at her sister, Alty. There’s no doubt that this episode of “Simoun” will strike a nerve with many anime watchers, but the emotional performances given by the voice actors is incredible. “Simoun” covers the difficult subject of incest incredibly well.

And there is also tragedy. To my dismay, two of the coolest characters of the Chor Tempest disappear at the end of volume three. In some strange way, they both knew they were not coming out of this intact. I am not going to mention who disappears, but I wish that the creators of the series let those two stay for the end of the series.
The series is exciting to watch. It’s definitely not as epic as “Last Exile,” and the spacecraft still look a little goofy to me. However, this series is not about amazing air battles–it is a series about controversial romances that no one in America would dare to talk about. It is also a series that looks seriously at our elimination of cultural minority groups through warfare. “Simoun” is one of the most charming yuri series of the year so far.
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