>Things are getting a little too bloody here…

>I’d have to say–whenever I watch “Hellsing Ultimate,” all sanity goes out the door. It’s probably the bloodiest anime I’ve ever seen.

With all that said though, I wanted to watch some lighter anime with less killing. That’s why I’m happy to announce that I have received the first disc of Ouran High School Host Club, the ultimate feel-good shojo anime. I will probably review the first disc pretty soon.

I’m also thinking about looking for Kashimari, a series in which a guy is captured by aliens and returned to the Earth as…a girl. Other candidates for reviews include “One Piece” and “Code Geass,” which is still really popular. Oh yeah, there’s also “Darker than Black.”

Hopefully things won’t get too flowery before I watch the fourth volume of “Hellsing Ultimate.”


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