>DVD Review: Ouran romance picks up with Tamaki

>It’s not typical for a girl to be the center of attention with a bunch of guys in a romantic comedy without sparks flying. Thankfully, “Ouran High School Host Club” manages to make the girl the most likable ordinary girl I’ve ever seen in an anime.

As the female protagonist in “Ouran,” Haruhi is the coolest ordinary girl, who helps all her guys out in unexpected ways in volume two.

The second DVD of “Ouran High School Host Club” picks up where the series left off, in the beach trip which followed their trip to the tropical resort. As usual, the men are entertaining the women. However, something changes the entire tone of the series in episode nine.

Two men try to sexually assault the Host Club’s girls. Haruhi tries to stand up to them, but she gets thrown into the ocean. Thankfully, Tamaki saves her from drowning.

Still Tamaki is clearly worried about Haruhi’s safety and argues that she shouldn’t have stood up. He wants her to act more like a woman, but Haruhi is refuses, leading to an awkward dinner scene. Eventually, Haruhi starts to acknowledge that she really is a shy girl who could use her guy friends. And sure enough, Haruhi admits that she does have feelings for Tamaki.

I don’t always like romantic comedies, because they’re a little more conservative in tone. The female characters are a little excessively subservient to their boyfriends, to the point where I wish they would look for more fishies in the sea. But “Ouran High School Host Club” succeeds with a different message–that it’s okay to be an ordinary girl. And even though the upper-class guys of Ouran Host Club are rich ladykillers, it helps to have an ordinary girl to distract them from their lavish lifestyle.

And there are lots of hilarious jokes about the rich folk. As in episode one, the Ouran Host Club is still extremely fascinated with the taste of powdered coffee. The Loubella Girls Academy also comes in a great episode, in which they try to attract Haruhi into their club with their hilarious dancing sequences and flashing neon signs. They also pull off some hilarious yuri (female homosexual love) sequences, in which one of them sports a fake moustache.

“Ouran High School Host Club” may be a ridiculous romantic comedy, but it surprised me with an ordinary female character supported by her rich boyfriends. Even though I still have a few misgivings about Haruhi’s flat chest, she’s definitely one of the best anime characters of recent years, making this one of the best anime romantic comedies of all time.

By the way, there’s a great extra on this DVD. Funimation managed to squeeze in the English voice actors’ outtakes in recording for Ouran High School Host Club. These are hilarious outtakes for every episode on this DVD.

Image courtesy of randomc.animeblogger.net


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