>DVD Review: When they cry vol. 3

>At this point of “When They Cry,” I’m a little tired of more kids going insane and killing people. Volume three adds a slight twist–Keiichi becomes the murderer.

In the Tatari Goroushi (Curse killing) chapter, Keiichi’s friend, Satoko, was abused and beaten by her uncle. Keiichi finally had enough, and now he wants to save Satoko by killing her uncle.

I hope no college kid in their right mind decides out of the blue, “Hey, let’s kill my uncle!” Anyhow, Satoko is sick, so Keiichi decides to attack her uncle, who is picking her up. After smacking him with a baseball bat (ow), he buries him.

But Satoko is still in shock. Her friends say that Satoko’s uncle is still alive, and that Keiichi was at the cotton-drifting festival at the same time that he killed Satoko’s uncle. To say the least, Keiichi gets very, very confused. And the tone of the plot goes from wicked to horrific.

This is a more disappointing volume of the series. I’m starting to get a little tired of hearing Keiichi go emo and scream out in confusion and terror. I wish he would express some different emotions for once.

Thankfully, the Himatsubushi (Time Wasting) chapter is a change of pace. This chapter follows Akasaka Mamoru, an investigator for the Tokyo police. He is looking to see how the mob families, the Sonozaki family and the Furude family, are connected with the kidnapping of the prime minister’s son.

However, the priest’s daughter, Rika Furude, is keeping an eye on him. In fact, she even gets possessed by a demon and tells him never to come back. Is this just a coincidence?

While volume three only covers the first chapter of this story arc, it is one of the more interesting storylines, covering the mystery of Hinamizawa from the policemen point of view. Unfortunately, Funimation couldn’t separate each of the complete story arcs onto individual discs, because they still want to sell all the volumes of the series.

Still, this is a solid anime. Just don’t expect anything to deviate at this point. At least not yet.

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