>No Piece

>Well, I requested One Piece from Netflix. I ended up getting the second season. Unfortunately, the first season is NOT available from Netflix, which would make no sense. I mean, why the hell would they have discs of the second season uncut and not the FIRST season uncut.

Geez, this stinks. I might just watch the first season on youTube and then review that. Phooey.



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2 responses to “>No Piece

  1. >Which publishing company are we talking about? 4Kids or Funimation?

  2. >Well, for some reason Netflix thinks that the 4Kids version of One Piece counts as the first season. So Netflix just skipped to the second season of the Funimation version. It’s just so frustrating.Netflix hasn’t picked up the third season, so I’m just going to watch most of One Piece online. Blech.

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