>My heart is in Pieces

>Unfortunately, I need to change part of my review on the One Piece anime. The dub is average at best.

Believe me, Funimation really tried. However, their miserable dub over the original Japanese opening theme is awful.

Thankfully, the rest of the dub is pretty solid. There is the occasional awful dub, such as the part in the first episode when a guy is trying to retrieve a barrel in the ocean. When he misses, his mates says loudly, “Ha! Ha! You suck!”

Sometimes the characters say some stupid lines where there shouldn’t be any talking. For example, Koby looks in the cabin and sees a bunch of barrels in one corner of the room. Then he just says, “Wow! That’s one big barrel. I wonder what’s inside of it?” I guess it’s a very, very interesting barrel.

Despite these problems, the One Piece dub is still decent. And overall, I like the voice actor who plays Monkey D. Luffy. But if anyone is listening to the dub, they should do themselves a favor and skip the opening song. Really.


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