>DVD Review: Get a Piece of this

>One Piece is heating up with the second voyage, which includes episodes 14-26. In fact, more than ever, “One Piece: Second Voyage” proves that One Piece is one of the best shonen anime for both male and female anime nuts alike.

The story continues Usopp’s romance with Kaya, a sick girl who lives in a mansion on an island. Usopp was obviously modeled after Pinnochio, because he has a long nose and lies a lot. He and Luffy discover that Kaya’s caretaker, Kurahadol, is actually the evil Captain Kuro (or Black in English). Kuro is known for his crafty plans, and in this case, Kuro wants to assassinate Kaya in order to earn her family’s inheritance.

Meanwhile, Zolo dreams about his past. He once fought with his best friend and rival, Kuina, to become the best swordfighter in the world. However, Kuina suffered a fatal tragedy, leaving Zolo to fight for her, to become the best.

The last few episodes cover Luffy’s adventure at the Baratie, the best sea restaurant in the world. To make a long story short, Luffy accidentally bounces an incoming cannonball into the restaurant. Thus, Luffy has to pay it off with one year of kitchen work.

Luffy then meets the quiet but tempermental Sanji, who works as the souz chef for Zeff, the head chef. Sanji is an expert breakdancer fighter who will serve anyone who lives his food. However, he causes quite a stir by serving a starving pirate from Don Krieg’s ship. Then Don Krieg arrives demanding food for his entire crew. And he wears a metallic body suit with guns.

Admittedly, “One Piece” is somewhat repetitive with the characters and the big battles. However, it is very entertaining. Sanji is undoubtedly the coolest breakdancing chef in anime history (actually, the only one). And Sanji also has a crush on Nami, leading him to offer her free food, while all the other guys have to pay. Usopp offers plenty of funny emotional outbursts as well.

Zoro’s brave story of fighting for his deceased girlfriend is also admirable. It’s pretty fun to watch Zoro fight the greatest swordmaster, Dracule Mihawk, even though he gets whipped pretty badly. And there’s also slight hints of romance between Luffy and Nami, especially when Nami runs off with the Going Merry ship in the Don Krief story arc. Luffy’s really intent on getting his navigator back, although one could easily suspect he likes Nami as well.

Image from onepiece.wikia.org


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