>DVD: Violent assassins, mafias and some serious goofballs

>Admittedly, I have no idea what to make of this next series, “Baccano!”, which is a fun and exciting mix of Italian mafia wars, psychotic assassins and some funny guys.

While anime fans will love all the exciting characters and indelible genre hopping, they may still wonder what the main plot is.

Well, the story takes place in 19th century America. Certain characters have the ability to regenerate their bodies, even if their fingers have been cut off. And the cast is a humongous group of varied characters.

The first part of the story covers a bloody incident on a train. There are plenty of unique characters on board. First, Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent are professional thieves who goof off too much to pay attention to everything else that’s going on. Second, a group of thieves are hell bent on killing everyone in the train. Third, a group of assassins led by Ladd Russo, is hell bent on killing people for the hell of it. And Russo is interested in taking the wife and daughter of Mayor Belino hostage.

The second part is set in New York City, involving a mogul named Szilard Quates. Szilard has developed an elixir which will make people immortal. He sends his servant, Ennis, to find the professor who cooked the elixir up. However, when Ennis arrives, the laboratory is in flames. She meets Firo Pirochainezo, a member of the Camorra mafia, and a skilled fighter. Ennis drops one of her cuff links on her suit jacket, and Firo chases after her, so that he can return the cuff link.

Meanwhile, a young girl named Eve Geonard is searching for her older brother, who possibly may have died in the city.

Other characters include the Gandor mafia, which consists of Keith, Berga and Lucky Gandor. They appear in the middle of episode one, and we don’t get to see too many scenes with them.

And there’s also Nice (pronounced Neesu) Holystone and Jacuzzi Splot, who had their faces burned. Oh yeah, for some reason, they’re in the train story.

As anyone can see, I was very, very confused by the story. The series jumps around between the train story and the city story in 1930 and in 1931, making for tons of confusion. Sadly, I could hardly keep track of all the characters to really care.

The series is visually astounding. There’s nothing more gory and shocking than watching Firo get his fingers chopped off, only to see the fingers and blood move back into his hand. And the action is brutal and masochistic. To say the least, Ladd Russo is a mean beast, who takes more joy in beating other people to death and slitting their throats. But since I couldn’t understand the plot, I really didn’t know what to make of this series.

Overall, “Baccano!” is okay. However, anime fans should be prepared to be confused. There’s hardly any grounding plot to keep all the characters together. And ultimately, it all just feels like a bizarre and perplexing mix of violence, comedy and drama.

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  2. >Thanks. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading it so far.

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