>DVD Review – The City Gets Darker

>Volume three of “Darker Than Black” provides two fascinating episodes taking a look inside the gigantic wall and two exciting and dramatic episodes about Yin’s past.

The first two episodes cover parts one and two of “Within the Wall, When You Recover Something Lost…”, in which Li Shengshun (a.k.a. Hei) undertakes an investigation inside the Pandora agency, which is scientifically studying the phenomena of Hell’s Gate, whatever that is. He’s searching for the Meteor fragment, a large lens with mysterious power. He befriends Nick Hillman, a scientist who has a telescope which could see the stars through the fake night sky. But he also has other secrets.

The other two episodes cover both parts of “On a Silver Night, the Heart Does Not Sway On the Water’s Surface.” In these episodes, someone from a rival syndicate steals the observer spirit of Yin, the silver haired girl who has the power to spy on people wherever there is water. We learn that she is actually a lifeless doll who was once a pianist in Finland. Her piano instructor visits her, ready to take her back.

This anime has a great storyline which looks further and further into the disaster which led to the creation of Hell’s Gate and the Contractors. Hei’s infiltration into Pandora as a janitor is one of the more perplexing stories, involving Nick and his mysterious sister, who is a spy for Hei’s syndicate. Certainly the Meteor fragment had made Nick’s own wish come true, as shown at the end of episode 12, but at the expense of his life in the real world.

More fascinating, though, are Hei’s memories of the aftermath of the creation of Hell’s Gate, which obliterated the entire city within the wall. Scientific examinations in Hei’s mind also introduces a mysterious girl with green hair in a flashback. Could this girl be Hei’s sister, the girl shown briefly in the introduction of episode 12?

Probably the most emotional episodes were 13 and 14, which circle around Yin, the silver haired girl in Hei’s syndicate. As the syndicate’s field supervisor, Hei keeps Yin merely as a doll with an observer spirit, to spy on the city. However, when a Russian Intelligence contractor steals Yin’s spirit, Yin wanders aimlessly around the city, recalling her life as a piano player and her dark memories of her parents.

Although this part of the series almost too much storyline in two episodes, it still manages to remain surprisingly emotional. Huang is all too eager to kill Yin for exposing herself to other syndicates, until he discovers that Yin has emotions.

However, we still don’t know exactly what PANDORA is, or what the hell Hell’s gate is. Hopefully the series ties up these mysteries soon.

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