>DVD Review – Lucky Me! It’s Lucky Star (part two)

>Although “Lucky Star” was a little hit-and-miss in its first four episodes, volume two really nailed my funny bone with some sneaky anime jokes.

Let’s face it–“Lucky Star” is not exactly original–most of its jokes are only funny if people have seen the anime series which the characters reference. However, these make for some very elusive inside jokes.

For example, episode 5 introduces us to Yui Narumi, Konata’s cousin. Yui is a police officer, seen patrolling the summer festival. However, she spends more time playing carnival games with Konata and the kids, and eventually gets dragged off by her superiors.

Yui has some clever jokes–in episode 6, she engages in an Initial D-style race with someone who passes her on the freeway. It’s an intense-looking race, until we notice that Yui is only driving at 45 mph. Talk about heavily dramatized!

Oh and let’s not forget the elusive Neon Genesis Evangelion joke, in which their teacher, Nanako, drinks a can of beer and re-enacts Misaki as she says “CAAAAAAH! This is delicious!”

Konata’s struggle to do her homework makes for some awesome jokes on the same caliber as Calvin and Hobbes. Konata usually ends up taking a short break playing an MMORPG online, which usually turns into a really, really long break. Sometimes Konata finds an extremely rare item, and she decides to spend all night using it with her guild. Other times, Konata chats with her teacher online on the same MMORPG. Who knew that Konata’s teacher plays the same MMORPG?

Episode 7 is a great parody in itself–Konata spends her time acting like Sachiko in “Maria Watches Over Us.” She re-enacts the famous sensual opening scene where Sachiko unties her classmate’s neck tie and reties it again. Konata also spends a disturbing amount of time trying to hit on her classmates.

Maybe Konata should stop watching anime–she’s almost too hooked on cosplaying and acting as her favorite anime characters.

Tsukasa also gets a new cell phone–but like any person who isn’t acquainted with modern technology, Tsukasa doesn’t even know how to type in someone’s name in. Her phone plays anime tunes in the middle of class. Eventually, the phone dies out when it enters the washing machine.

Lastly, Konata gets the last laugh in the episode 8 in the last relay race. Miyuki finishes the relay, and Konata remarks that Miyuki conveniently won by using her breasts to hit the ribbon as a fan service moment.

The Lucky Star gang also has a blast mutilating their own karaoke version of the Dragonball Z theme “Cha-la Head,” at the end of episode 5.

Sure, only anime nerds will probably understand these jokes, but this anime has some of the best anime-oriented jokes ever. While this is not the must-have anime series for everyone, it is the best anime series for anime junkies, and “Lucky Star” deserves credit for some of the best jokes about anime.

As a fun extra, the music composer for Lucky Star, Minoru Shiraishi, continues his random journey through Kyuushu in “The Adventures of Minoru Shiraishi.” He dances and sings the Lucky Star theme and the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya theme in the most inconvenient places on rocky coasts and cliffs. According to director Yasuhiro Takemoto, these scenes will be used in the ending sequence for Lucky Star. Already, Shiraishi’s making a fool out of himself, so the end product should look pretty goofy.

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