>DVD Review – Feeling a little Lucky…Star (part four)

Lucky Star is culminating into a comedy masterpiece, with the over-the-top store employees and Minoru Shiraishi’s goofy ending songs.

I’m sure everyone already knows I’ve said that this series is okay and not the greatest I’ve ever seen. Yet, the art sequences and characters have some pretty funny sequences after a small lull in excitement on the third DVD.

For example, episode 13 is a humorous Valentine’s Day episode. Konata and Tsukasa pull off some really clever dating game jokes, in which Konata fantasizes an entire scene in which Kagami runs off to give giri (obligation) chocolate to a guy she likes. She says, “Excuse me for the chocolate having a distorted shape,” and the guy says in a romantic, handsome voice, “Silly girl, what’s more important than shape is the fact that you gave it to me.” Of course, this is all before we realize that it’s all a scene in Konata’s imagination.

Episode 14 introduce’s Konata’s little cousin, Yutaka Kotabayakawa. Yutaka is the tiny, shy new high schooler who just moved into Konata’s home. She’s very cute and she often gets more than a little creeped out by Konata’s father, who leaves the bathroom door open when he’s on the john. Yutaka also gets more than a little embarassed of her police officer cousin, Yui, who tells Yutaka that now that she’s graduated, she should go out for a drinking party.

Just so you know, Japanese people really aren’t like Konata’s family. Still, this show is really, really funny.

This show also has plenty of fun April Fool’s jokes. In episode 15, Konata tells Kagami that she’s already finished with her homework, before saying, “April Fool’s!” Really, Konata should just do her homework…

In episode 16, Konata’s friends visit her working her part-time cosplay job at a maid cafe. Konata practically becomes their “servant” for a day and does a stunningly accurate impersonation of the grumpy Haruhi Suzumiya. It’s especially fun to watch Konata’s snobby impersonation and Kagami’s strict attitude butt heads against each other. However, there’s nothing more enjoyable than Konata’s impersonation of the famous Haruhi Suzumiya ending credits dance. Talk about epic.

Meanwhile, Akira is getting very, very moody and mean in these recent episodes. It’s still funny, although it has a dark satirical edge criticizing the honor system of film production in Japan. Akira especially goes postal when she’s only given one short line in her script for the Lucky Channel segment. Thankfully, the producer gives Akira a special karaoke part in the next episode to cheer her up. Unfortunately, she only sings at a deserted karaoke room with no one except Minoru Shiraishi and a waiter serving drinks.

Boy, it’s hard out there for a Japanese actress. Thankfully, the cast still has tons of fun shooting the live action ending clips for the show. Adventures of Minoru Shiraishi includes some of the fun video clips in which they run around Hokkaido with Super Soakers. They also film swordfights and wedding scenes…hm…

Lucky Star makes for a great anime-style sitcom show. Certainly, it’s a little more grounded in the real world than Haruhi is, but it has plenty of great jokes involving Yu-Gi-Oh and countless other dating sims. It gets better and better as the series moves on, and volume four had the greatest variety of parodies, everyday jokes and cosplay dancing.

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