>DVD Review: Killing people while eating potato chips


I’ve held back on reviewing “Deathnote” for about a year, because all the characters look so stereotypically emo. L looks especially goth and emo, and I really hate the entire goth community for being so emotionally pissed off.

Now then, where was I? Oh yes, the review.

Anyhow, “Deathnote” is an excellent shonen anime, with a gripping plot about a boy who can kill people by writing their name in a notebook. This review covers volumes 1-3.

This boy, Light Yagami, was a goody two-shoes law student, until a shinigami spirit drops a “Deathnote” book. If anyone writes a person’s name in the book, the person with that name will die of a heart attack.

Light thinks this is a joke at first, but he soon discovers the ruthless power of the book. He starts killing prisoners left and right, hell bent on removing all the evil people from the Earth to create an ideal world. Light pronounces himself to the world as a god, simply known as Kira.

Fortunately, the Tokyo police have implemented every effort they could to defeat Kira. They hire L, the most famous detective in the world, who has never lost a case. L is so elusive that hardly anyone knows his real name. Thus, Light and L engage in a battle of wits, each hoping to outsmart the other to reveal his true identity.

This is one of the more violent anime series. Just from what I’ve seen in the first three volumes. Numerous people die of heart attacks or gunshots in the series. Although there isn’t anything that resembles the grotesque gore in “Fullmetal Alchemist,” this series features so much killing that one has to wonder whether Light has even a shred of humanity in him.

Thankfully, the series isn’t completely composed of gloom and doom. Light has an especially humorous photo-opportunity moments, in which he epicly pronounces in the middle of one of his killing sprees that he’s going to take a potato chip and eat it. And for some reason, Light’s shinigami friend Ryuk, who gave him the Death Note, spends most of his time eating up apples. L and Light even engage in a tennis match, in which each characters is plotting their next move while they are playing their game.

While the series gets really overdramatic and over-the-top, “Death Note” is intriguing for the deep mind games which the heroes and villains play against each other. For example, L spends plenty of time predicting how Light will react, so that he can calculate the odds that Light really is the mysterious Kira. L even uses Light’s deducing skills to his advantage, so that he can brainstorm what to do next.

And even if the characters yakkity-yak a little too long while standing still, they are very smart at predicting each other’s next move.

Although “Death Note” is an overdramatic action anime, the characters still manage to pull off brilliant voice acting. Shonen anime fans may want to pick up “Death Note” just to see how cerebral the series gets.

Images courtesy of randomc.animeblogger.net


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