>Looking back: Blood+

>I’m getting pissed at Sony’s strategy for selling “Blood+”. Sony’s release of part one of the series is premature. Their box set, priced at a whopping $90-$100, is $40 more expensive than all four of the single DVDs.

That, and that “Blood: The Last Vampire” movie looked disappointing.
With all that said though, part two of the series is (finally) coming out in October 2009. The big question is whether people will actually buy it, knowing that the big box is a complete rip-off.
Despite all these problems, and the terrible scheduling of the TV broadcast, I’m looking forward to watching the end of “Blood+”. It was the big series that quenched my thirst for bloody, but beautiful action anime. And Saya is still the coolest female vampire hunter in anime history.
Look forward to seeing a review of part two of “Code Geass.” The series is reaching its dramatic peak. Sorry if I couldn’t finish a review sooner–I had to wait a long time for the DVDs to arrive, due to high demand for the series.

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