>DVD Review: Geass faces inevitable tragedy

>I never thought “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion” could beat out other mech series in drama. Up until the end of part one, we had no doubt that Lelouche Lamperouge was an ambitious genius hell-bent on annihilating the Brittanican army.

But with part two of season one, “Code Geass” turns into an epic of heartbreaking tragedy.
In fact, I can’t even mention what happens in the first disc, because it’s that shocking and devastating. Let’s just say that something horrible happens to Milly Ashford and Lelouch is left with a huge amount of guilt.
Despite all the tearjerking drama in the series, Lelouch is very compassionate. Although he still cannot fight in a Nightmare robot for the life of him, he has quite a few caring lady friends who help him out in this volume. The green-haired C.C. is the most loyal of them all, helping him in numerous ways.
For example, in episode 10, C.C. uses her body to shock a robot with the pilot’s old heartbreaking memories, so that Lelouch can escape. Lelouch refuses to let her stand in one place, especially when Brittania Nightmares are headed their way. But when Lelouch puts his hand on her shoulders, he sees visions of C.C.’s own forlorn life, in which she was tortured in numerous ways. And for the first time, we witness romantic feelings between C.C. and Lelouch.
Anime fans will love this section of the series, revealing more emotional parts of the lives of Lelouch, C.C. and Milly. Somebody was bound to get their feelings hurt in this anime. We’re also left wondering who C.C. really is.
Probably the real kicker in part two, however, is Lelouch’s new rival, Mao. He has a Geass power that enables him to read the minds of other people. As one may imagine, the mind games between the two lead to some insane battles, and even a ridiculous episode where Mao returns in bandages.

Sure, it’s hard to take “Code Geass” too seriously. After watching three episodes with Mao wielding extremely dangerous weapons, I couldn’t help but laugh at all the crazy nonsensical violence. However, the drama in the series is very smartly played. And although most of the real emotional intensity comes from the shocking revelations in the series, the Japanese voice actors never overdo their parts.

So far, “Code Geass” is one of the best anime series this year. It’s no surprise that “Anime Insider” named it the best of 2008. The emotional voice acting and complex plotline make it unforgettable.

Image courtesy of bandai-ent.com


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