>DVD Review: Geass and the apocalypse

>“Code Geass: Part Three” is a brutally violent masterpiece, examining the brutality of Lelouch’s demonic powers.

In episodes 18-21, the series turns into a strange beast in a league of its own–a harem romance anime.

That’s right. Just when “Code Geass” couldn’t get even more zany, director Goro Taniguchi decided to add in situations in which all of the Brittanians and (Japanese) Eleven soldiers came together for the student festival.

Admittedly, the series almost gets too carried away with all the relationships between characters. For starters, Lelouch had a deeply romantic relationship with his sister Princess Euphemia of the Brittanians in episode 19. One of the Black Knights, Ohgi, has a relationship with a Brittanian soldier, Villeta Nu. Suzaku also has some feelings for the female hotshot of the Black Knights, Kallen Kouzaki. Lastly, Shirley’s regaining her memory of her previous crush on LeLouch.

Without revealing too much about the ending, Euphemia first declares that Brittanians shall treat the Japanese as equals. LeLouch in his Zero costume meets with Euphemia and gets very close to using his Geass power, until Milly reveals that she is resigning from her position as princess. She wants to live with LeLouch and his little sister, Nunnally, again. But LeLouch’s Geass power is much stronger than even he realizes, and the massacre after he takes control is the final straw, leading to a murderous scene.

It’s fitting that C.C. is the angel of death, to say the least. C.C.’s bond with LeLouch is a proper one, because of the pain she felt as a witch in the past. And the final battles in Code Geass are stunningly beautiful and epic. Even though the animators tend to repeat the same animation, the drama plays out marvelously. “Code Geass” is a guilty pleasure anime, fulfilling every anime fans’ desire for the destruction of a country symbolizing Western European culture.

“Code Geass” is probably one of the most emotional breathtaking series, throwing violent and romance together in some hodgepodge mix that is surprisingly incredible. It shouldn’t work this well, but the voice actors pull off stunning performances and the visuals are amazing. Any anime fan should look into watching this series as an alternative to Fullmetal Alchemist.

This is only season one. Be sure to catch Code Geass: R2 (season two) on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block at 2 a.m., starting on November 8.

Image courtesy of bandai-ent.com


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