>Blood plus too much other stuff


I’m finishing up the “Blood+” series finally. It might take me a couple weeks, so I’ll look for other things to review so no one gets stuck waiting for me.

Unfortunately, “Blood+” is really dragging in its second half. I wish I could say this is an epic anime like no other, but all the big plot revelations took place at the end of part one. That’s it. There’s two vampire factions, a kid who is now a chevalier for Saya and some other group of black hoodies who were genetically engineered by humans. Unless something especially big happens, I’m not expecting too much.

I accidentally looked at some of the spoilers on other blogs, but I’ll say the ending is good. However, don’t expect me to say that this is the next “Fullmetal Alchemist.” Or “Eureka Seven.” Because it’s not. Sorry.

So, while you’re waiting for “Blood+”, look forward to some reviews of “Honey and Clover” and “Gurren Lagann.” Maybe I’ll review some crunchyroll series if I have extra time.


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