>Re-release: second wave


There’s a ton of new anime releases that I’ve put on hold, because I’m playing through “Persona 3: FES.” I swear, the “Persona” games are like an anime entity within itself. I’m almost finished with the main journey of “Persona 3.” Once I finish, I’ll be sure to write a review.

Like I said, 2010 is the year of anime re-releases. Probably the biggest release is the “Lucky Star: Complete Collection.” I know that this series has plenty of flaws, but for the record, there were tons of gut-busting jokes that even Haruhi couldn’t match up to. Kanata is an excellent character who spreads her cosplay love to everyone around her. She even pulls off parodies of rare anime shows, such as the pseudo-lesbian romance of “Maria Watches Over Us.”

I’ve also cleverly avoided some of the hideous anime in the beginning of the year, such as the “Linebarrels of Iron,” “Nabari” and the second part of “Dragonaut.” I’m slipping behind the times though. Sometime I should get to watching these shows, just for kicks.

The first priority, however, is finishing my review of “Gurren Lagann,” part three. The series just keeps getting better. I’ll be sad when it’s finally over.

Image courtesy of photobucket.com. Anime Epicuriosity reminds readers that the pictures is from a fictional game with weapons called Evokers. So do not shoot yourself in the head. It’s not cool, yo.


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