>Five anime bargains


Anime companies are releasing some really inexpensive box sets this summer. Now is the perfect time to buy all the anime you ever wanted, at dirt cheap prices.

Loads of complete collections are available on amazon.com. These are some of the best deals I’ve found thus far.

1. Gurren Lagann, complete collection – $44
Keep an eye on this box set when it comes out on July 6. Gurren Lagann rose to the top of people’s wish lists with its spectacular battles and comical robots that can transform into super-powerful intergalactic fighters. You have to see it to believe it. This is an incredible value for a single box set, about $20 cheaper than if you bought the release in two boxes.

2. Lucky Star, complete collection – $44
Years ago, Bandai released this cute series in four $20 DVDs. The entire series cost about $80. The new box set of the entire series is a big bargain that will save you $36. Watch out for the box when it comes out on June 28.

3. Eureka Seven, part one – $37, part two – $37
I love this show because it has stylish surfer robots that look even more colorful when they are bleeding in mid-air combat. Each box is usually at a horrible price of $60. Bandai reduced the price of both boxes to about $37, making this box a great buy.

4. Baccano – $34
This is one of my favorites, because each scene in the series is in a different time frame in the story. It’s told like a Quentin Tarentino film, minus the references to other famous films. The price for this series gradually escalated during first half of this year. Now the price is in the economical $30-$40 price range. Get it now, while it’s cheap.

5. Spice and Wolf, season one – $40
Although some people wouldn’t care about a show on capitalism and financial economics, the dialogue is richer than many other shoujo romance shows. This box is an huge deal that is $20 less than the full price. If anyone loves to watch shoujo romance blended with intriguing financial drama, consider buying this series now.

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