>Streaming video review: Prepare for the zombie apocalypse


It starts off as the dumbest excuse to show tons of fan service and violence. However, it is one of the hottest anime series this year.

The “High School of the Dead” show turns horror into a gut-busting comedy, with over-dramatic romance and the most illogical storyline ever written.

The anime starts off a bad day for high school student Takashi Komuro. His childhood friend, Rei Miyamoto, rejected him, so he ditches class. Matters suddenly turn from bad to worse as a zombie invades the school gates to spread the disease to the high school administrators. Takashi Komuro grabs Miyamoto and convinces her and her boyfriend to prepare for the eventual zombie apocalypse.

The simple story is an lame excuse for random violence and female fan service, but the show is very entertaining. You can think of it as a guilty pleasure for fans of survival horror flicks. The series gets even funnier in episode two, when the genius, Saya Takagi, hooks up Kohta Hirano because he looks like a weapons specialist from a horror movie. Sure enough, once Saya finds a nail gun for Kohta, he instantly builds a gun sight for him to hold his refurbished weapon.

“High School of the Dead” takes pride in its goofy panty shots and nonsensical bloodbaths. Since the zombies are practically taking over all of Japan, the students will definitely have plenty more zombies to kill. It’s brazenly masochistic, but the entire experience is an excellent fetish for mature anime fans.

Watch the series online at the Anime Network website.

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