>Streaming video review: Secret agents plot to kill the alien catgirl


Fans of harem comedies should check out “Asobi ni Ikuyo: Bombshells from the Sky” a deadly comedy about the female spies who want to kill the catgirl living with a high school boy.

The story in the first episode is a simple set-up for a romantic comedy. A high school boy’s uncle holds a party and invites an unusual guest–a catgirl. The uncle tells the boy, Kio, that he should have sex and drink some beer while he is still young. Although Kio resists at first, he unconsciously lets the catgirl pass him a sip of beer.

Kio wakes up with the catgirl, Eris, sleeping in his bed wearing only a button-down shirt and no pants. Apparently his uncle told the girl that she could sleep wherever she wanted. This new development surprises her female neighbor, Maki Itokazu, and his high school teacher, Manami Kinjou.

However, the women aren’t ordinary people. They are secret agents, hell-bent on investigating the origins of the alien girl in the hopes of exterminating her. Even Kio’s love interest, a high school girl named Manami, is an assassin who is ready to kill people at any time.

Certainly the show follows the typical formula for a harem romance series. A group of girls want to fight against the perverted catgirl, who wants to play with Kio. Although the series follows the formula, it still packs plenty of humorous looks into the life of a spy. The show literally opens an all-out action sequence in the first few minutes, with a secret agent raiding a ship loaded with illegal drugs and weapons.

“Asobi ni Ikuyo” (literally “Let’s play” in English) is a completely predictable comedy. However, fans will still want to watch this to see girls acting secretly to try and kill the catgirl with big breasts.

Watch the series at crunchyroll.com.


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