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“This Ugly Yet Beautiful World” is one of the most horrible shoujo anime shows ever made, with mediocre dialogue and romantic situations that are bound to make you puke.

It actually starts pretty strong as a romantic comedy, even though there is a lot of fan service. Although this show is not the most perverted romantic comedy I’ve ever seen, it presents plenty of uncomfortable shots of completely naked girls. In the first half of the anime, you’re bound to see at least a girl’s breasts at least once in each episode.

At first, the story of the show holds up pretty well, for all that it’s worth. The anime’s story centers around a lazy high school boy named Takeru Takemoto, who works as a delivery boy for his uncle. One day, he and his friend, Ryou Niyomiya, find a mysterious naked girl in a tree. This girl, named Hikari, looks almost like the dream girl which Ryou drew for Takeru.

When a giant centipede monster attacks Takeru and Hikari with its tentacles, Takeru suddenly transforms into a powerful shonen fighter with big muscles and long hair. After beating up the monster, he swears that he will protect Hikari, no matter what.

This show would have worked well as a shonen battle anime, but that isn’t what the remainder of the series is about. For some reason, all of Takeru’s friends and family members gather around the alien girl to provide clothes and a room for her. You don’t even know how his friends heard about the girl so quickly, or why his friends decided to come together to see the girl. The show eventually turns into a disturbing harem comedy, where even Takeru’s sister fights to win back her brother’s love.

Around episode three, the show introduces another alien girl, named Akari. She strikes up a close friendship with Takeru’s friend, Ryou Ninomiya. Akari’s character is much more relatable, because she isn’t so obsessed with smothering her new boyfriend with love. However, the series wants us to focus on Hikari, the least interesting of the two characters.

And for some reason, all the characters seem interested in Hikari, who wastes time in every episode by talking about the air, the water and the crickets of the Earth. No joke. In every episode, Takeru’s friends and family are always around to gaze at Hikari. They all comment on Hikari’s awkward fascination with the world. I mean, you’d think that after episode eight, these kids would have better things to do than to pay attention to the happy-go-lucky alien girl.

Fortunately, there is a serious story, in which ancient insect-like monsters actually attempt to destroy the world. These humongous, violent monsters awaken when they sense elevated levels of ED in teenagers such as Takeru. However, when you consider that ED actually stands for “Extended Definition,” you’ll find that there really isn’t a good reason for anything in this anime. Sure, there are hints in episode nine about the upcoming apocalypse, but nothing is ever explained thoroughly.

Believe it or not, the series actually turns into an apocalyptic thriller at the end of episode 10. The ending also makes for a touching climax to this show. But by then, most people will get tired of all the redundant sitcom jokes. It’s hard to forgive a repititious series that can’t even manage to teach people to appreciate the boredom of everyday life. Even the conclusion of this series is an underwhelming disappointment.

Unless someone forces you to watch this anime at gunpoint, absolutely stay away from this series. It is possibly one of the worst anime shows ever made. And it is guaranteed to bore you to death, unless you manage to stick with it after the first five hours.

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2 responses to “>DVD Re-release – The worst romance story with a naked girl

  1. hmm i want to ask that what is the name of this anime show this is very intersting plz plz tell me i want to know about that anime show ?? ❤

  2. Sorry if the name of the show didn’t appear properly. The show is called “This Ugly Yet Beautiful World.” I really hate this show, but you can feel free to watch it yourself. I’m just warning you–this show is horrible…

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