>Streaming video review – Avant-garde moe for the artist’s soul

>If you like watching four really cute art student girls on abstract art backgrounds, you’re in for a treat.

The Anime Network’s newest slice-of-life series, “Hidamari Sketch” turns the anime format into modern art by integrating actual photographs and various forms of modern artwork.

At first glance, this series looks like a low-quality rehash of “Honey and Clover,” a similar show which centers on the romantic lives of everyday art students. “Hidamari Sketch” takes a much simpler approach by analyzing the visual talent of young female art students in their day-to-day lives.

There is visual beauty in every part of this anime. The director of the show did an extraordinary job, by pasting actual photographs into the environment of “Hidamari Sketch” to portray the actual surface textures of wood and paint. There’s even a couple polka dot textures in the pop art style.

The nameplate of the girls’ apartment was created by actual painters. The main character uses tourist photographs, pop logos and anime-styled “postcards” in her photo collage. The crowds of people in the summer festival are abstractly represented by simple peg-like sticks.

Although the anime director’s “art exhibition” approach tends to get a little redundant, no one can deny that this show looks remarkable. The anime has many wonderful sections where each art girl get to discuss her own approach to her work.

The jokes and the dialogue is geared mostly toward young girls, so hardcore anime nuts might pass on watching “Hidamari Sketch.” However, the director of “Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei” did a incredible job in giving this moe series much more pizazz than I expected. Take the time to at least watch a few episodes, because the visual style of this series is very unique.


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