>Anime streaming review: Fun slapstick routines about slave labor


“He is My Master” shows off some funny slapstick routines for a fan service anime, as long as you’re able to stand the cruel master-and-slave relationships.

This new Gainax show is a heinous slice-of-life comedy that grew on me as I kept watching. It focuses on two middle school girls, Izumi and Mitsuki Sawatari, who run away from their home to find a new place to live.

After numerous homeowners reject them from taking residence, they eventually find a humongous mansion. They take pity on the the 14-year-old owner of the house, Yoshitaka Nakabayashi, whose parents died in a car accident.

They agree to work for him. However, they don’t realize that this boy is a cruel master who wants the girls to work as his personal maids. The only remaining women’s outfits in the house are racy maid outfits with short skirts, strapless tops and garter belts.

Although the first episodes are incredibly mean comedies with loads of fan service gags, the series packs in plenty of laughs for what it’s worth. For starters, the girls own a ravenous pet alligator named Pochi, who always wants to eat Izumi’s clothes. Most of the best jokes involve the cute, but ravenous reptile.

As if this wasn’t enough, the boy even holds a demented contest with Izumi to be the first to catch Pochi. Don’t even ask how this show got to this point. In the last parts of this episode, Izumi breaks all of the master’s expensive pots and artifacts by throwing them at Pochi. The master’s expression is priceless as he grimaces through this entire scene.

If you’re looking for a quick laugh, consider renting “He is My Master” for Netflix. The show will lighten anyone’s day with some devious visual jokes involving fan service. And there’s even some hints of romance between Izumi and Nakabayashi, in spite of all the chaotic chemistry between the two.

The show is also available on The Anime Network.

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2 responses to “>Anime streaming review: Fun slapstick routines about slave labor

  1. >Have things chnaged so much? A shojo anime is grenerally not just about girls, it's geared at girls.. and this show is.. not.Also… what's with "Nakabayashi, Nakabayashi" everywhere in this review? I watched all the fan subs and about half of the official Sentai release and I don't remamber them calling Yoshitaka that even once… sure it probably happened at least once…. but it really feels out of place in this review.Oh… also.. the show aired in 2005.. it's not the new thing from Gainax.. in fact… it was probably one of the first things Sentai released.. so it's not even the new thing from Sentai….<3 the show! I've seen better reviews fromyou, sorry. ^^;

  2. >Actually, I'm not sure how to categorize this one. Fan service-centric? I have no clue.I guess I used Nakabayashi too many times. Bleh.I didn't know that the show aired in 2005 either. I tried looking it up on Wikipedia, but I guess the website has the release date wrong. Sorry, I'm trying my hardest…

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