The New Anime Epicuriosity

C.C. from Code Geass eats a pizza

Blog editing is now a piece of cake. Or pizza.

This is Jonathan Oyama, a college graduate who loves to write blogs about anime. I decided to try switching my address, to test out some of the publishing features on

Editing is much easier with this program. I’ve been pretty irritated with the old Blogger website. The themes on that site look pretty ugly. After a certain point I knew that it was time to switch gears.

So look forward to more anime reviews. I’ve been slacking a little this year, because I haven’t seen too many attractive anime shows lately. I want to finish Xam’d sometime, so you can probably look forward to a new Xam’d review in the near future.

In the meantime, I might start writing blog entries on my favorite anime classics. I’ve felt more like reflecting on the anime releases from the last ten years or so. Since most of the cheapest anime right now consists of re-releases anyway, it will probably help people decide which ones are worth the time and money spent to see it.

I’m also going to upload the anime reviews from the old blog. I might as well start moving. So enjoy the blog for the next few days!

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