Welcome back with a brief anime review: Summer Wars

Blazblue battle

I've been playing too many video games lately. Hoo boy...

For anyone who is visiting this blog for the first time in a long while, I have to apologize. I was reaching a certain point where I’m not sure what I want to do next.

I’ve written anime reviews for over three years and I wanted to try something new. I then switched to writing video game reviews on a website called bitmob.com. There’s a specific way in which I can integrate Google ads with my profile. With advertising, I can theoretically make money from writing on the things I love.

I admit that I haven’t written as many anime articles as I used to. I’m a little scared that the anime industry will go under, because I was deeply disappointed at some of the recent shows. Thankfully, my outlook changed after I saw the most recent anime movie from one of the more impressive directors, Mamoru Hosoda.

Summer Wars poster

The main characters' avatars in Summer Wars

The film, “Summer Wars,” is a unique summer vacation drama with plenty of silly cyber-punk twists. Although it is about an ordinary teenage boy and his awkward relationship with a girl, it is also an insane disaster film involving a worldwide computer crash which will cause an impending nuclear meltdown across the globe.

It’s not the most believable film, but the director has always impressed me with the childlike innocence of his drawings. More importantly, he creates some of the best romance stories from the most unlikely situations imaginable.

If anyone is into movies like The Social Network, they might definitely enjoy this movie. The scenario is a little hard to believe.  I still can’t imagine a group of teenagers saving the entire world through playing geeky video games.

I enjoyed it though. I’m sure that anyone else will enjoy it too, as long as they don’t take it too seriously.



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2 responses to “Welcome back with a brief anime review: Summer Wars

  1. kelemi

    Anime industry is really going under. Good anime work is fewer than one or two years ago. even through the number of anime work and anime goods becomes more and more these days. I’m playing BlazBlue too, and I also like the film “Summer War”. it’s is really coincidence.

    I’m not a English user, so i don’t know if I have made myself understood. he-he.

  2. @Kelemi: I wouldn’t say that the industry is going under just yet, although the price of box sets is definitely wavering between extremely cheap and extremely expensive rates.

    I think we’re just getting bombarded with more box set releases than ever before. It’s just really hard to catch up with anime when there are so many episodes to watch. The shows are a lot more interesting, though. I think I’m just getting lazy over the last few years. Lol.

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