Welcome back! Again!

In case anyone is still wondering if I am still posting, wonder no more. I’m back to writing anime reviews.

My blog-posting habits always enter strange twists. For an entire month, I just stopped for some reason. I guess I looked into posting articles on a video game website. However, after a few posts, my heart just wasn’t in it. My tastes are just too different from the other video game players.

I still watch anime very regularly though. In fact, the finale of Steins;Gate was probably the best ending I’ve seen in a long time. It rekindled my odd love for visual novel games. So I actually downloaded a visual novel game on my iPad. And I loved every second of the first episode.

So just so that everyone knows–I am not dead. I am still a big anime fan. In fact, I still wish that video game publishers would consider porting over that new Studio Ghibli RPG for the Wii.

I might also make some changes as I move back into the swing of blogging. I’m sorry if I got anyone worried over the last few weeks.

…Well, not that anyone’s paying that much attention to a blog with very little activity. However, all that will eventually change, because Willy Wonka is back in action.


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  1. Ted Goslin


    This is Ted Goslin. I want to get in touch with you about possible freelance work for my magazine. Please send me an email at ted@me-mag.com asap.


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