3. Durarara!! (first opening)

Durarara!! (first opening)


Durarara was always one of my all-time favorites. The complex story combined a motley of unique characters together in one city. The opener was even more impressive. It somehow crammed all the heroes and villains together in an epic montage.

Other shows have tried similar techniques to combine mug shots with character names. However, Durarara!! flashed the names and faces together with some incredible action shots of the characters. In fact, it begins with the first character, Celty, smashing her motorcycle through the glass of some skyscraper.

However, the best animated shots involve the kids. My favorite series of credits involves a girl throwing a soda can. The soda moves past each character’s face in slow motion, just so that the opening credits can show the name of each character in Japanese. It literally is the most epic soda can toss in anime history. The animation just looked awesome, especially with that garage rock music in the background.

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