4. Serial Experiments Lain opening

Serial Experiments Lain opening


“Present day, present time. Hahahaha!”

The first words of Serial Experiments Lain struck anime fans instantly, like some home video experiment gone horribly wrong. After a few seconds of static, we heard the beautiful alto voice of a woman singing with a subtle indie rock band.

This opening was all about clashing sensory images and sounds. Serial Experiments Lain somehow showed us the main character’s difficult life as an immensely powerful cyber-punk girl, combining hand-drawn animation with shadeless polygons. I’m still surprised that someone managed to make an anime show out of such a cute little girl, but Lain was a unique masterpiece.

This opening took us on a strange, melancholy trip through Lain’s subconscious. This opening used some incredibly clever tricks with pixelated graphics and tons of fading effects. The whole opening is an epic, surreal experience, tinged with the sadness of Lain herself. I’m sure that some fans still cry a little whenever they watch this credit sequence.

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