Image of Jonathan

The author, Jonathan Oyama, at his house

Anime Epicuriosity was created in 2007 as a blog to post reviews of Japanese animation, also known as anime.

It started as part of the blog section of the Daily 49er, the newspaper for California State University Long Beach. The editor, Bradley Zint, started publishing a blog page in the paper. Editors and writers could publish their blog entries in the print newspaper, as long as they could attribute their photos and follow the Associated Press style of grammar and spelling.

Jonathan Oyama’s anime blog was originally called “Daily 49er Anime.” It originally began as a small site where he reviewed series such as Eureka Seven and Blood+. The site expanded to include reviews of old series as more people started reading his blog. The Daily 49er stopped publishing the blog page in 2008. However, he kept posting reviews about all the anime he’d seen over the years.

Jonathan renamed the blog as “Anime Epicuriosity” in 2009. The name was inspired by the ancient Roman belief of “Epicureanism,” where Romans would live in such a way to derive the greatest amount of pleasure possible during their lifetime. In the same way, “Anime Epicuriosity” was created to help anime watchers choose the most worthwhile shows to watch. The only difference is that the blog is written by a Japanese American, rather than a Roman philosopher.

Jonathan currently writes for patch.com. He has written numerous articles for the Daily 49er and the Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot. He hopes that someday an anime publication will recognize his work in some way or fashion.

Favorite anime series so far:


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