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Sega Girls Too Hard to Pass Up


Japan makes anime comedies about all sort of strange topics. Now we have an anime show where three cute girls represent video game consoles.

Sega Hard Girls is a strange collection of hit-and-miss video game jokes. The average anime fan might pass this up, but the beautiful 3D animation makes the show much more enjoyable.

I thought I’d seen every type of anime by this point, but Sega Hard Girls is definitely one of the most unusual shows to date. The show’s full name is actually “Hi-sCoool! Seha Girls,” but most fans just call it by its nickname, Sega Hard Girls. The show has three main characters who each represent Sega video game consoles. Their names are Mega Drive, Saturn and Dreamcast. The game systems in this show are represented in the form of cute anime girls.

These Sega girls are all attending Sehagaga Academy in Tokyo. Their goal is to graduate and become full-fledged video game consoles. Well, at least I think that’s their main goal. For the entire season, I kept wondering what would actually happen to the girls when they graduate. The whole concept is already too strange to comprehend.

segaHard3Thankfully, this show isn’t focused around a serious plot—it’s a comedy based around video games. The main goal of the academy is to earn 100 medals. To earn these medals, the girls have to enter the worlds of old Sega games to perform a specific task. Each episode focuses on funny slapstick jokes that use retro game characters.

The show is a unique mish-mash of 3D anime and video game animation. I’ve seen all sorts of lame 3D anime films where the animation looks incredibly stiff and fake. Sega Hard Girls is the first 3D show where I had an emotional connection with the characters. The brilliant animators of this show took the time to slow the action down and focus on the facial details and expressions of the character models. Because of this detail, the girls look a lot more like humans with feelings and emotional expressions.

The result is a light-hearted cartoon that looks back at the joy and fun of video game characters in the past. Some episodes showed off some really obscure games that were only released in Japan, such as Border Break. Based on the episode I had seen, Border Break looks like a versatile, online 3D shooter with mecha robots. Even if the game’s environment looked a little bland, I really enjoyed watching these girls explore the unique landscape of Border Break.


The show has plenty of cameos from video game icons, but the funniest parts actually take place when goofy-looking characters wander in from other random Sega games. In fact, Sega Hard Girls is chock-full of visual gags. My favorite jokes took place in episode two, when the girls used martial arts moves against little birds from Flicky, pig men from Golden Axe and a giant beetle from some weird bug game (Mushiking).

Sega Hard Girls is a retrospective of all the funniest moments of early video games. The show is geared for all the anime fans who yearn for the old days of video games, when all the graphics looked a lot more innocent and timeless. Sega Hard Girls also shows off some of the best 3D animation I’ve ever seen.

Sega Hard Girls is available to stream at


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The State of Anime Streaming 2011

Logo for

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, anime streaming websites are spreading like wildfire. At first, was the only legal place to stream the newest anime from Japan. Now there’s a flood of new options available over the Internet.

I’ve experimented with many of the new websites, from the dubbed anime on Netflix to the subtitled anime on Although I like all of the new options, remains the best option for people who want to stay on top of the anime scene on a low budget.

Logo for Funimation EntertainmentIf anime junkies are on a really tight budget, they can just rely on the millions of anime streams on YouTube. The Funimation channel is currently a hot spot for many of the shows that are arriving on DVD. Admittedly, Funimation has taken over many of the DVD sales, but they’ve managed to produce some pretty accurate English subtitles. I can’t really complain about the company.

Fans who absolutely want to stay on top of all the latest anime usually end up downloading the new shows illegally over the Internet. Although I’ve experimented with illegal download sites, they tend to act more like hubs for people to search for whatever they want. It also takes up an enormous flow of bandwidth and computer processing power, so people probably shouldn’t rely on downloads if they’re living with their parents or with roommates.

Lastly, there are numerous websites to help viewers discover the rare shows that they probably missed over the last few years. I still prefer to rely on for the records of the anime shows for every year and every season. The downloadable calendars even have images for people to fully visualize what the drawings look like.

Are there any new options that I may have missed? Feel free to write about them in the comments below.

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>Anime Slipstream: A magnificent anime blend of epic proportions


I don’t often say this, but “Xam’d: Lost Memories” is possibly the greatest new anime known to man.

“Xam’d” is easily one of the most beautiful robot action shows I’ve ever seen. Anime fans can easily attribute the show’s success to Bones, the anime studio who worked on this series. The director also worked on a well-received series, known as “Eureka Seven”. This show turned a love story between two teenagers into a strong message of protecting the environment.

The new show, “Xam’d”, is a wonderful marriage between the visuals of “Eureka Seven” and a Hayao Miyazaki film. Both sport an urgent message to protect the environment. Both feature violent robots. Both pieces of animation are truly inspirational.

At first, the series follows the ordinary life of a high school boy named Akiyuki. The show covers his day-to-day routine with his parents, both divorced. After following a hectic schedule, he arrives just in time to meet his friends, Haru and Furuichi. Together, they board a school bus for the class field trip to Sentan Island.

As he is about to board the bus, Akiyuki notices that a shy young girl in rags is in line to get on. He manages to trick a police officer into giving this girl permission to board. Once he leaves the bus, though, his life takes a sudden turn for the worse.

The girl is actually a suicide bomber who detonates herself in the bus. After a devastating explosion, Akiyuki tries to talk to the dying girl, whose belly is bleeding with green liquid. The youngster apologizes before implanting a gem inside his forehead. The gem transforms Akiyuki’s entire body into a white robot monster.

The next episode is a sheer masterpiece of otherworldly proportions. Akiyuki’s best friend, Haru, desperately tries to help her mutated friend as he defeats another gigantic cyborg creature who dropped down from the sky.

Although Akiyuki is still tormented, he still recognizes Haru as the only friend who remembers him. A mysterious young woman also flies in to calm Akiyuki and to help bring him back to his human form.

Haru collapses out of exhaustion, as the woman takes the boy away. It’s such a surreal scene. Yet, the animation is so fluid and smooth that we can’t help but believe in it.

This show is a melting pot of the lost emotions and pain that we all hid throughout the Iraq War. Whatever the case, it is one of the most powerful anime series from Japan, because it all feels so real to us.

I admit that the story is a little bare bones. The hectic dialogue often takes a back seat to all the robot fights in the show. However, it looks incredibly beautiful and well animated. “Xam’d” is a conflicting love story. It forces this relationship onto you in the midst of dangerous terrorism and biological weaponjs. In spite of all this destruction, Haru still holds a close relationship with the creature boy, even when he leaves the battlefield.

As noted on the Anime News Network, “Xam’d” originally debuted on the Playstation Network at E3 in 2008. It’s received plenty of exposure in Japan. Hopefully some American broadcasters will consider airing this show, because it is amazing to watch.

However, I’m a little hesitant to say that this is one of the best action series ever made. Anime reviewers often commented that the story ends too abruptly with stories that remain unresolve. Still, if you were a big fan of “Eureka Seven,” I guarantee that you have to at least watch the first two episodes. “Xam’d” literally grips your interest like a vice.

The show is available to watch on The Anime Network. You can buy this series at

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>Eating Crunchyrolls – Winter 2010


I’ve been working on a slew of news stories and whatnot, but I should have free time this weekend to write some reviews of anime series on, the hottest anime streaming Web site.

Believe it or not, you can watch anime for free on this site, as long as you can stand all the ads which pop up from time to time.

It’s a legit streaming site as well. If you want, you can pay a small monthly fee to watch anime at the same time as it is broadcast in Japan. This money will pay the bills of anime companies we know and love.

Right now I’m watching a variety of series. Look forward to seeing some fun reviews of:

“Soranowoto” – People have compared this to “K-On!”, because it features teenage girl characters who act really cute. Actually, this is a war story about a girl who is inspired to join the military to play a trumpet. It starts off innocent, but eventually the series includes some frightening moments of post-traumatic stress.

“Hanamaru Kindergarten” – A show about an Dragon Quest 9 addict named Tsuchida, who supervises children at a Kindergarten school. The main story is focused mostly on a girl named Anzu, who tries to get Tsuchida to fall in love with her.

“Durarara!!” – A series set in modern day Ikebukuro, where color gangs are duking it out against each other and yakuza are kidnapping innocent people. An incoming high school student named Ryuugane Mikado is looking for fun and excitement in the city, but he ends up finding plenty of shady, dangerous characters as well.

“Gintama” – In the near future, aliens have taken over the world and samurai warriors are now out of work. However, three samurai are making ends meet, taking whatever odd jobs are available.

So look forward to whatever I think about reviewing next.

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