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Updates: New reviews and rants


I’m making a couple changes to how I review anime shows, but I feel like I should explain my present situation.

I’ve received an associate’s degree in computer information systems this year. I restarted my job search three months ago, hoping to get hired in my field as soon as possible. However, job hunts are never easy. I usually don’t get hired until a year of networking, searching and researching.

I hate to gossip about family matters, but I have to vent for a bit. Some family members want me to focus 100 percent on my job search. Unfortunately, job hunts always seem to take longer than usual these days. So until I get hired, I need some productive way to pass the time. The Anime Epicuriosity blog has always been a source of refuge for me, because it allows me to write about the exciting shows and games that I have seen recently.

Sorry, but sometimes my family just says certain things that irritate me. I just have to vent out my thoughts, because some of their comments drive me insane.

netflixEnvelopesI’ve had trouble coming up with a prompt review schedule. I used to review anime shows by renting DVD collections through Netflix. Their mail service was once my biggest source for reviewing collections of episodes. Now that anime shows are broadcasted over the Internet, Netflix cancelled their mailing service. I have been trying to review shows through streaming services, such as and Hulu.

Unfortunately, the review format is never easy for me. I’ve tried reviewing entire seasons of shows, but that takes far too much time. I’ve also thought about switching to reviewing episodes, but that would make the blog too long for the average reader.

For now, I think I’ll stick to reviewing three or four episodes at a time. This was always the standard format for most DVD collections. Each disc had about three or four episodes, which was enough for me. I would typically watch the entire DVD in one sitting and write the review in two or three days. Then I’d mail the DVD back and I’d receive a new one to review next week.

And there were always shows that I missed out on. For example, I never finished watching Claymore or some of the other mainstream shows with 10 million episodes. That was fine for me, though. Some of these shows literally take their sweet time telling their story. Anime shows are usually based on manga comics, but they sometimes take over 21 episodes just to get through three manga volumes. Sadly, many of these shows were literally made to waste my time.

Anyhow, I know that I’ll write up a review for next week. I don’t know what to choose, but I’ll probably just pick something off of Crunchyroll. Stay tuned…


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