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Check Out Games Revisited

gamesRevisitedCapture1I’ve been meaning to add a link  to my new video gaming blog on Anime Epicuriosity. If anyone would like to read about the Japanese games that I play, feel free to check out Games Revisited at

I’m a huge fan of both anime and video games. However, I’ve been playing video games a lot more often. I just feel like video games are more fascinating, because the medium is so experimental. A lot more of the ideas in these games are liable to fail, or to try radical new things.

Note that I usually play Japanese role-playing games that usually have anime-style graphics, so this isn’t a huge diversion for me. Besides, the Japanese anime shows even receive their own video games.

So if you have some free time, try out Games Revisited. I’ll be revisiting all the classic (and not-so-classic) games of my childhood. Right now, I’m checking out the unique world of Tales of Symphonia. If you have any suggestions about games that you’d like me to try, let me know in the comments below.


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