1. Cowboy Bebop opening

Cowboy Bebop opening


The opening of Cowboy Bebop has always been my absolute favorite. The first time I saw this intro, I was amazed. Sure, the animation isn’t as fluid and dazzling as later shows, such as Fullmetal Alchemist. However, the colors and the noir framing in this opening is filled with lively energy.

Most of the characters only appear as black silhouettes. This only adds spice to the eclectic vibe of the jazz music played by a Japanese band known as The Seatbelts. If that wasn’t enough, each frame has some cool poetic words about bebop being the new, revolutionary form of jazz. Something like that.

Even if it was all babbled nonsense, this short intro flashed it as quickly as a lightning bolt. It just looked so fast and cool to us all. In fact, almost every fan still remembers the smooth moves of the intro better than the actual story itself. Cowboy Bebop proved that sometimes an awesome intro is all that a show needs to leave a lasting impression on us.

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