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Season Review: The Dumb Cute Squid Girl Show (Part One)

squidGirl1The story of the Squid Girl anime really isn’t complex. It’s about a little girl with a squid-shaped hat who wants to take over the world.

Yeah, this is ridiculous. To be honest, this is one of the silliest shows that I’ve ever seen. However, the creators come up with enough well-written lines to make this comedy cute and believable.

I probably shouldn’t explain this story, because it is very one-dimensional. It begins with our adorable main character–a girl with a white hat in the shape of a squid head, with blue tentacles hanging down from it. She barges into a beach restaurant called the Lemon Beach House and declares that she is taking over the world.

Everyone in the restaurant thinks that this cosplayer girl is playing a ridiculous joke on them, so they all just ignore her. The end.

Well, that could’ve just ended right there. Then again, she’d probably cause a ruckus amongst the customers. The waitress has a heart-to-heart chat with this weirdo in the back of the restaurant. Turns out that this “cosplayer” calls herself Squid Girl (or Ika Musume in Japanese). She has some sort of revenge plot to take over the world, to retaliate against the humans who pollute the ocean everyday.

Any normal person could’ve just ignored this girl. Thankfully, the restaurant owners see her as an opportunity to help grow their business. You see, the waitress and her big sister both own the restaurant. They live in an apartment nearby. They need all the help they can get, so they keep asking her to take dishes to the customers. After a while, Squid Girl gets fed up and tries to demonstrate that she doesn’t want to get bossed around. She shows her grown-up power by destroying a wall of the restaurant with one of her tentacles.

squidGirl2Of course, the waitress isn’t going to stand for this disaster. After all, if a girl destroys the wall, she has to pay for it. Squid Girl reluctantly agrees to work for the restaurant owners, to try to pay off her debt.

So that’s really the whole idea of this show. This comedy is more or less about Squid Girl and her quest to try to take over the world. After she pays off her debt. Okay, it’s a stupid premise. I’m not gonna lie.

The script writers come up with really funny jokes, though. In every episode, she seems to run into a wide variety of people who have some strange attraction to this Squid Girl. The owners’ little brother loves to play with Squid Girl’s tentacles. The girl in the house down the street has an unhealthy obsession with Squiddy (yeah, I’ll just call her Squiddy from now on) and she wants to dress up as her. The restaurant owners hire a new waiter, who is scared to death of weird people such as Squiddy.

Every dumb joke seems to focus around Squid Girl’s fascination with the world. Thankfully, the show takes a surprisingly dramatic turn at the end. This lowbrow comedy really could’ve stopped with a lame ending, but the writers did a good job in developing the characters. There’s also a second season, if anyone is willing to watch through more of the same old sight gags.


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